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Best Tips on Choosing Crib Toys

When your baby is ready to move into a crib there are certain things that you are going to need to remember to ensure your baby’s safety. You need to think about what type of toys you are going to place into your baby’s crib so that they can enjoy them, but at the same time develop further from playing with them. Here are some tips that you can follow to ensure you pick the right crib toys from the store. Tip one: Choose toys that follow safety standards
You want to make sure that the toys you pick are going to be large enough that your baby cannot swallow them or try to swallow them and choke on them. Most babies put everything that they get into their hands into their mouths, so it is better to only give them toys that are bigger than their mouths. You also need to make sure that you choose toys that are non-toxic because your baby will be chewing on them, if the paint chips off or something else your baby can get sick. If the toys that you choose come with dials or buttons you want to ensure that they are not going to fall off easily because your baby might swallow them. Tip two: Buy rubber toys
Buying toys that are rubber and washable is important because that will allow you to wash the toys on occasion. Babies are going to be chewing, which means drooling, all over the toys, not to mention handling them. This type of behavior is going to allow germs to be passed onto the toy; the only way to get rid of the germs is to wash the toys in hot soapy water or in the dishwasher. Tip three: Different types of toys
You want to hang bright colored items from your baby’s crib, such as a mobile. When hanging the toys you want to make sure that you put them out of reach so that your baby can not accidentally grab the toy and pull it down, which can cause your baby to become entangled in the strings. Bright colored toys will also help your baby develop their eyesight. When giving babies toys that they can hold you want to give them toys with different textures. This will help your baby learn to recognize different surfaces, which helps their sense of feeling develop. Squeeze toys and rattles are another safe crib toy for your baby; they also help them develop their basic motor skills. Tip four: Auditory toys
Auditory toys need to be kept at a minimum, meaning hardly around at all. Toys that make noise can often disturb babies, especially if they are less than a year old. If you do decide to give, your child toys that make noise in the crib you want to choose toys that play soothing, quiet music. The reason for this is that you want toys that are going to put your baby to sleep rather than keep them awake. You also want to ensure that the music that is played is not loud enough to disturb your baby while sleeping. Keep in mind that these types of toys are not advisable for very young babies because it can disturb their hearing.Remember that crib toys are the initial learning tools that your baby has so you want to choose them carefully. Remember even with crib toys your baby is not just playing, they are learning and developing all of their senses. When choosing crib toys make sure that you pick a diverse enough selection that you can offer your baby different kinds of feeling and comprehension, so they enjoy playing, but learn new things as well.